Humble Indie Bundle 6 is upon us

By Dant Rambo |

Just when you thought your wallet was safe, the sixth Humble Indie Bundle has gone live. Featuring an appropriate total of six games – one of which can only be unlocked if you pay more than the average – it’s the perfect chance for you to nab some fantastic indie titles as we await the onslaught of holiday releases. 

Donators this time around will receive:

  • Rochard – A 2D platformer with an emphasis on warping gravity, Rochard would probably be Isaac Newton’s favorite game were he alive today.
  • Torchlight – Courtesy of its fantastic dungeon design and bounty of awesome loot, Torchlight is one of the best action RPGs in years.
  • Shatter – If you took the classic game of Breakout and injected it with rainbow-colored steroids, Shatter is close to what you’d end up with.
  • S.P.A.Z. -The title S.P.A.Z. is an acronym for “Space Pirates and Zombies”. Need I say more?
  • Vessel – With its liquid-centric puzzles, Vessel is a game that will have you scratching your head (and possibly wanting to swim) in no time.
  • Dustforce (bonus game for paying above average) – The recipient of the $100,000 Grand Prize at the Third Independent Game Developers Competition, Dustforce is a frenetic 2D platformer you won’t want to miss.

Those who donate will also receive soundtracks for Torchlight, S.P.A.Z., Shatter, Rochard, and Dustforce. That’s a whole lot of music to bob your head to. Just be careful not to bob it too much, because that can result in some serious neck cramps.

As of this posting, there’s a little over 14 days left to pitch in and receive some indie goodness. Get on it!

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