Humble Bundle partners with Ouya to bring the first ever console game to the Humble Store

After yesterday’s announcement that Ouya would be getting a spiffy new Limited Edition console release in a pristine white casing just in time for the holidays, today we’ve also learned some interesting Ouya-related news. The company behind the controversial Android-based home gaming console has teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring gamers the very first console game to be available for purchase through the Humble Bundle website.

The game in question is the highly addictive TowerFall by Matt Makes Games, and players will be able to scoop up the multiplayer combat platformer at a discounted price of $9.99 over the next 24 hours on the newly-launched Humble Bundle storefront for use on their Ouya console. Considering how Humble Bundle has been an avid supporter of Android games with their series of Humble Mobile Bundles (the third bundle was just unveiled today!), this is certainly a big win for the Ouya camp, especially if we see more of these kinds of collaborations in the future.


You have just under 24 hours at the time of this writing to pick up TowerFall for your Ouya console at the discounted price, so you shouldn’t hesitate to head on over to the Humble Store and get to platforming with your pixelated friends today!

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