Humble Bundle for Android 5 is upon us

Humble Bundle for Android 5 is officially live, and it’s pretty much everything an Android user could hope for. It’s worth noting, however, that all the games featured in it are also playable on Mac, PC, and Linux. Hooray for options!

Like all the bundles before it, Humble Bundle for Android 5 is home to a fantastic lineup of games. Purchasing it would be the perfect way to jumpstart a game collection for your Android device, or just to support some great charities and earn a few games in the process. But be warned that if you don’t beat the average amount donated (currently at $6.65, though it’s sure to fluctuate), then you’ll only receive four of the six games on offer. Those four games are:

  • Beat Hazard Ultra (+ soundtrack) Hands down, Beat Hazard Ultra is one of the coolest shoot ’em ups on the market. It allows you to plug in songs from your library, and then use those songs to generate new levels.
  • Dynamite JackAfter being captured and forced to work in the mines, a space marine attempts a brave escape to the surface. It’ll be a challenge, but his access to an infinite supply of bombs will no doubt help.
  • Solar 2 (+ soundtrack) Solar 2 is an open-world adventure set in a strange, unpredictable universe. You assume the role of a lone asteroid on a mission to prove itself to the deity who reigns supreme, which means you’ll be tasked with fulfilling a variety of odd tasks for it. Or you can blow that off entirely and just have fun roaming the universe!
  • NightSky HD (+ soundtrack) Nothing I write here could match the beauty of this physics puzzle game’s trailer, so I’m just going to admit defeat and link to that instead.

And for those of you who pay above the average, you’ll receive:

  • Super Hexagon (+ soundtrack) – Think you’re good at video games? Super Hexagon is here to tell you otherwise. 
  • Dungeon Defenders (+ soundtrack) – Dungeon Defenders takes the well-known genres of tower defense and action RPG and melds them into something a little more unique (Android owners will receive Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave)

And with that, I’ll shut up and leave you to your game buying.

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