Humble Bundle for Android 2 now available

Back in January, the folks behind The Humble Indie Bundle decided to try something new. Instead of just releasing a bundle for desktop gaming, they introduced The Humble Bundle for Android. The games were all playable on Google’s mobile platform, but also on Windows, Mac and Linux. It looks like that last Humble Bundle was a not so humble hit, as they’ve just unveiled their latest package: The Humble Bundle for Android 2.

As is customary with Humble Bundles, you can pay whatever price you like, but if you pay more than the average you’ll score a sweet bonus game. Even better, this bundle features five games that have never been available on Android before – and they’re all winners in our books!

  • Canabalt – The original endless runner finally comes to Android, and while it’s seen many imitators over the years, there’s no denying the addictive nature of this classic.
  • Zen Bound 2 – The sequel to one of the iPhone’s first true gems, all about the serene act of wrapping different objects in rope to paint them.
  • Cogs – Fix mechanical contraptions in this puzzle game whose gears and pipes should strike a chord with steampunk fans everywhere.
  • Avadon: The Black Fortess – Old school, turn-based, dungeon crawling action comes to life in this relatively new adventure by Spiderweb Software.
  • Swords & Soldiers (bonus for paying above minimum)- Side-scrolling defense at its finest, Swords & Soldiers will restore your faith in Vikings while giving you a good chuckle along the way.

Like last time, buying the pack will get you the games not just on Android, but also Windows, Mac and Linux. This deal won’t last forever, though. Be sure to visit to check it out for yourself before it disappears.

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