Howl, Astragon’s “Tactical Folktale” Indie Game, Has Arrived on iOS and Android

And it looks amazing…

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If you’re a fan of indie strategy games, you’re probably already aware of Howl. Astragon Entertainment’s innovative “tactical folktale” arrived on PC and consoles this January, winning praise from players and critics. 

And now you can play Howl on your smartphone (at a considerably cheaper price point). 

For the uninitiated, Howl is a turn-based strategy game set in a dark folktale universe in which a “howling plague” has created an epidemic of people turning into bloodthirsty wolf-like monsters. 

To make matters worse, the disease is transmitted through sound – specifically, the sickening howls of the plague-stricken wolves.

Playing as a deaf heroine, you have to venture out into this deadly landscape in search of a cure. At the same time, you’ll need to protect the kingdom’s villagers from the monsters and avoid becoming lunch yourself. 

In practice, that means planning turns of up to six steps in a bid to outmaneuver your enemies and survive 60 stages and four chapters. 

This would be a tall order if you were only up against one type of plague wolf, but there are several different variants out there. There are quick ones that perform two actions in one turn for example, or the Charger that can close the distance on you when they attack.

Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of ways to stop them, only one of which is your tactical mastery of the situation.

Your heroic deaf girl has a range of abilities to deploy in battle, and this range grows as you progress through the stages and explore the secret-filled gameworld. There’s a Smoke Bomb, a Vault, a Piercing Shot, a Shadow Step, and much more. 

All of these skills are upgradeable, and you can unlock new Action Slots and Undo Round Points too.

On top of being a solid strategy game, Howl’s has a unique look. Presented in a “living ink” style, it has a hand-drawn art-style that fits perfectly with the dark folktale vibe. 

It doesn’t cost anything to download the Howl app on mobile, though you’ll have to fork out to unlock the whole game. 

Download it now on the Google Play Store or the App Store