How to Use the Fortnite Account Value Calculator

Whether you want to sell your account or check if another one is priced fairly, the Fortnite Account Value Calculator is just the right app for you. It can estimate prices depending on the information you input. Be warned that it only extrapolates prices from past offers on PlayerAuctions, so keep that in mind when you see the result.

Steps to Take When Using the Calculator

The first thing you’ll see on the app is the ‘Estimated Account Value’. This is where the resulting price will appear. Right below it are eight boxes that ask for different information. The last thing the calculator asks is if the name can be changed. If you want the most accurate calculation, make sure you fill in every box and answer the last question correctly.

1st Box: Edition

Epic Games released many editions of the game, and it’s a factor in the calculation of the price. There are seven editions available, and you just select the one that applies to the account in question.

2nd Box: Level

The second box is concerned with the levels you gained throughout the competitive seasons—all of them. If you’ve reached level 100 on one season and 30 the next, the account level will be 130.

3rd Box: V-Bucks

V-Bucks are the premium currency of Fortnite. It’s the currency you buy with real money. For that reason, any amount left in the account will affect the price.

4th Box: Battle Pass Tier

The Battle Pass offers rewards free pass owners don’t have access to. It has tiers that depend on how many Battle Stars you’ve obtained. Each tier will reward different things.

5th to 8th Box: # of Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary Skins

This is perhaps the most important information the calculator asks for. Skins are a huge draw to the account you’re selling/buying, and their rarity affects the price considerably. An account with more rare skins won’t be worth as much as those with more epic or legendary skins. However, it can still depend on the buyer if they want a specific skin more than anything else.

Final Question: Can the Name be Changed?

Display names can only be changed once every two weeks, so this is just an indicator of whether or not the name was changed recently. For some, it could be a deal breaker – as they might want to change the name immediately, as personalization is a draw.

After filling in the necessary information, click the ‘Calculate the Account Value Now’ button. The estimated price should appear on the first box on top. Otherwise, ‘Error’ will appear, and you may have to fill in the boxes again. Make sure that everything is filled in, as it can only calculate with all the necessary information. Use the buttons on the boxes to input the information if it sends an error message.

And that’s how you can find the value of Fortnite accounts. Again, to emphasize that there is no real baseline for prices, it only extrapolates a price from the past offers on our site.

So continue enjoying Fortnite and check out the Fortnite Value Calculator (and Fornite Accounts) now.

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