How to Get the Most out of Old School RuneScape with PlayerAuctions

Life is full of shortcuts. 

We tend not to grow our own food, make our own clothes, and build our own houses. Instead, we pay other people to do those things so that we can concentrate on stuff that we’re better at and enjoy more. 

Many of you are probably unaware that you can approach games in exactly the same way. Digital trading platforms like PlayerAuctions let you dodge all the tedious early parts of a game and skip straight to the point where you’re rich, powerful, and having a ball.  

Take Old School RuneScape, or OSRS for short. PlayerAuctions gives you a few different ways of swerving the grind. 

You can buy Gold, making yourself instantly rich without having to run around killing monsters and trading with your fellow players/sworn enemies. 

There are countless sellers on the platform, offering OSRS Gold in any quantity you like. Each of these sellers is user-rated, with their number of previous sales and the year they joined the platform prominently displayed, so you can proceed with confidence. 

Items, Power-Leveling, and Accounts

If straight-up riches aren’t your thing, you can buy in-game items such as the (eye-wateringly expensive) Twisted Bow and the (cheap as chips) Zamarokian Spear. 

PlayerAuctions even breaks these items down into categories like Armor, Potions, Orbs, Weapons, Blueprints, and so on, and you can filter the results by price, seller rating, and even delivery time. 

Still not enough? Then you might want to try power-leveling, which lets you pay another player to reach a particular level for you within defined criteria. For instance, for just $5 you can buy a Gold Vorkath Slaying Service with 24/7 availability. 

Finally, you can just cut to the chase and buy a whole account. There are more than a thousand on offer at various levels of progress, priced accordingly. 

PlayerAuctions even boasts a handy Account Calculator, in case you’re considering selling your own account and making a bit of folding money. 

To get started, head to right now. 

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