How the iPad may change iPhone gaming

Alex Ahlund, the CEO of AppVee, has given a lot of thought to what the mobile market can bear. He’s also given a lot of thought to the iPad, and how the one gaming market it will have a major impact on in the long run is the iPhone. In a recent editorial on TechCrunch, Ahlund discusses how the 99 cent iPhone gaming model came about, why it’s bad for business, and how the iPad might eventually change it.

“When you develop an app, you want to capitalize on all revenue streams possible. If you produce a product that only makes sense on the iPhone, you will miss out on new opportunities provided by the iPad. Short lived gimmicks and micro-gaming experiences are unlikely to fare well on the iPad. The effect of this realization may likely cause a decline in small sized, $.99 apps as a whole. There will always be a place for these, but to really maximize profit potential, focusing on them solely is a short-sighted plan.”

While Ahlund’s article includes some arguments that are debatable at best (the iPhone may never compete with the DS or PSP because it doesn’t have physical buttons, low game prices prevent most developers from investing in quality products) it’s hard to not appreciate his conclusions. Less than a month into its existence, the iPad has already proven itself a device that gamers are spending more time with than the iPhone. And as Ahlund suggests, if gamers are spending more time with a product, they’re going to want a deeper experience than what many 99 cent titles have to offer.

Looking for more on this subject? Be sure to check out Alex Ahlund’s complete article How The iPad Will Change The iPhone Games Industry on TechCrunch.

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