Horror CAM: A New Puzzle Horror Game Coming Soon

Experience heart-pounding thrills in Horror CAM, an upcoming puzzle horror game by Gamedev Dragon. Wishlist now!

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Do you like horror games? Do you have a keen eye and a strong nerve? If your answer is yes, then get ready for a heart-stopping adventure with Horror CAM, the newest puzzle horror game set to hit the gaming scene!

About The Game

Developed and published by the indie studio Gamedev Dragon, Horror CAM takes the classic “spot the difference” game to a whole new level of terror. Picture this: you’re tasked with keeping a close eye on live surveillance cameras scattered across creepy locations. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Your job is to spot anything out of the ordinary and report it before things go bump in the night. You’re not just gaming; you’re on a mission.

What sets Horror CAM apart? Well, the game is not for the faint of heart. Gamedev Dragon promises a dynamic gameplay experience, with slick camera angles, challenges that amp up the adrenaline, and a surprise mix-up mode that keeps you guessing by changing camera views and anomalies every time you dive into the action. The game also boasts a progression setup to make the experience exciting and scary.

And Horror CAM is not just about finding differences; it’s about survival. Dive into a gripping and intense vibe soaked in mind-bending horror. Keep your smarts on high alert as you watch out for sneaky shifts in the surroundings.

Be Ready

Want in on the horror action? While Horror CAM isn’t haunting the Steam store just yet, you can add it to your wishlist and be the first to know when it drops. The game promises a solo adventure filled with Steam achievements, cloud saves, and stats. Just make sure your rig is up to the task – a 64-bit processor and operating system are a must.

And if you aren’t into horror, Sam & Max are also coming to Steam very soon with a perfect mix of fun and adventure.

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