Hopping to the finish line: Pocket Frogs to add racing mini-game

Last week ngmoco added a jumping mini-game to GodFinger. This week Nimblebit announced they’re adding a frog racing mini-game to Pocket Frogs. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I smell a trend cooking in the world of mobile social games!

If things keep moving along at this rate, we’ll be fighting lions in Tap Zoo or stacking buildings in City Story before you know it! Seriously though, whether or not we continue to see mini-games popping up in iPhone social games is anybody’s guess. While we wait for the future to unfold and find out, we’ll at least have frog racing to keep us company.

Beginning with version 1.06, Pocket Frog players will be able to race their frogs, with each race offering a chance to win prizes like coins and more frogs. Each amphibian will have their own stamina and speed statistics, and these will determine which frog wins the race. You’ll need to pay an entrance fee for each race though, so there’s a definite risk/reward factor to each competition.

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Other tweaks will be coming to version 1.06 in addition to this new mode. For example, players will no longer be forced to use a certain number of growth potions when attempting to speed up the breeding process. Instead they’ll be able to use single potions and watch the progress bar fill up incrementally. Players will also now be able to share photos of their latest frogs with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Version 1.06 was submitted to Apple for approval yesterday. So long as it doesn’t hit any snags, you can expect to spend a day at the races real soon.

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