Hit MMO War Commander Gets a PvP Military Battler Called Siege: Apocalypse

By Glenn Wilson |


If you’re a fan of War Commander, the hugely popular MMO from KIXEYE, you may have been following the progress of Siege: Apocalypse. 

This hotly anticipated strategy game is set a long, long time ago in the War Commander universe. It sees you going toe to toe with other players in tactically rich PvP battles, and it’s out now. 

Siege: Apocalypse is a deck-builder, with a ton of different cards to collect and deploy in battle. These include defensive and offensive units and vehicles, such as riflemen, snipers, rocket launchers, paratroopers, and tanks. 

As well as troop cards the game contains tactical cards, letting you call a quick airstrike, arrange an airdrop, unleash an aerial bombardment, and so on. All of these cards can be upgraded, and you’ll unlock new powers as you chalk up the wins. 

Thrillingly, battles take place on maps that are based on real-world battlefields, and they look gritty and authentic, as you can see in the trailer above. They’re all different, too, since you’ve got an entire world of opponents to face. 

If that sounds like a daunting task, you can play against bots in the offline practice mode. 

In terms of setting, Siege: Apocalypse takes place many years before the events of War Commander, though it still sees you taking on the Scarlet Brigade. The game charts the fall of the first Rogue group, with new chunks of story being served up as you progress through the campaign. 

In the process you’ll also participate in global events, compete in tournaments, and more. New features and content are promised on a monthly basis, and you’ll have challenges to complete twice a week. 

And that’s not all. As you play you’ll earn prestige tiers, which give you valuable early access to unreleased cards. 

To get started, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download Siege: Apocalypse for free – just click here right now. There are the game’s official social pages to check out as well – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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