Hidden Survivor is a Hide-and-seek Survival Game Out Right Now on iOS and Android

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Hidden Survivor is a brand new hide-and-seek survival game that you can play right now on iOS or Android. It challenges you to put together a team of fellow survivors by wandering around a variety of maps, seeking resources that you require to survive.

The ultimate goal is to upgrade your sanctuary, turning it not only into a safe space, but a nice place to live. You achieve that by exploring then scavenging for food, beverages, and resources that you can use to upgrade your furniture and usable items.

Survivors have three different parameters that you’ll have to monitor as you send them out on scavenging missions. These include Fullness, Moisture, and Spirit. Food and beverages will take care of Fullness and Moisture respectively, while Spirit is an indication of your overall health.

As you upgrade your sanctuary, it will become much easier to keep your survivors alive, as you can produce your own food and beverages, which will mitigate a lot of the management you have to perform to keep your survivors alive and well.

On your travels, you may encounter fellow survivors, and you can invite them to join you in your sanctuary. Each survivor has its own parameters that you’ll have to ensure are regularly topped up. If any of the three hit zero, that survivor dies. If all survivors die, it’s game over and you’ll have to start over again.

The good news is that your facility will remain upgraded, and you’ll earn Reincarnation Points that you can spend on boosting your new character. That means there’s a punishment for dying, but you’ll still keep your progress if it does end up happening.

There’s also a real-time multiplayer mode for those that like that sort of thing. It’s called Exploration, and it’s a deathmatch mode that challenges you to get as many points as possible within three minutes.

You earn points by posing as various different objects within a map. You’ll spawn as an object at random, like a bin, and can change to another object by touching it. Remain as that object for a set period of time without getting caught and you’ll get a free item, providing you with a score. Following the Tactics requirements will also improve your score.

If you manage to pick up a Reset Potion, you’ll gain the right to attack other survivors for a 40 second period. They will appear on the minimap temporarily, so you can run around knocking them out for extra points.

It’s a bit like a battle royale, as the playable area shrinks over the course of the three minutes. You can see the areas in the map that are unsafe, as they’re marked in red, so it’s simply a case of avoiding them as you try and survive. If you do get knocked out, you’ll respawn in five seconds.

Hidden Survivor is available right now in the App Store or Google Play. If you like survival games, then this is well worth checking out on your chosen mobile device.

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