hi5 hit with layoffs

Game-focused social network hi5 has confirmed a number of layoffs at the company, as it shifts towards releasing its “next generation social gaming platform.”

In a statement released to TechCrunch, hi5 president and CTO Alex St. John, who we spoke to earlier this year, explained that the layoffs are part of a re-organization. As hi5 moves towards the next iteration of its platform, which has allowed the company to “consolidate servers, reduce data center costs, and increase site performance,” fewer actual employees are needed.

“As we have recently turned the corner on our technology migration efforts we have been able to significantly reduce the number of positions required to support the older hi5 site and are in the process of re-organizing the company to focus entirely on the development and deployment of our next generation social play site,” St. John explained.

Just this past April hi5 announced that it had become a “top 10 online gaming site.” 28 people in total are believed to have been laid off.

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