Hi5 becomes a top 10 online gaming site

Hi5 has been making plenty of moves in a bid to conquer the world of social gaming, and it looks like they’re starting to pay off. ComScore Media Metrix recently announced a list of the top 10 online gaming sites worldwide, and Hi5 currently sits at number six.

The company has managed to launch well over a hundred new games on the platform over the past year, including popular Facebook games like Millionaire City and Backyard Monsters, as well as exclusives like Sega Play Football. And it sounds like that number will only continue to grow.

“We’re currently launching two to three social games per week, and we have over 400 games in the pipeline,” Hi5 president and CTO Alex St. John—who we previously spoke to about the service back in February—said.

“While we are still undergoing a major transformation in building a deep social gaming experience throughout the site, today’s announcement is a major turning point for Hi5 along the way.”

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