Hey Geronimo’s latest music video is a love letter to mobile gaming

Like catchy indie rock tunes? How about mobile gaming? Then you’re going to love “Why Don’t We Do Something?,” the latest music video from Hey Geronimo.

The official Youtube description for the video asks “ever wondered what your favourite iPhone games might look like in real life?” Click play, and you’ll get 2 minutes and 56 seconds worth of answer. The band’s latest single jams on as real life versions of Flight Control, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Plants vs Zombies, and Angry Birds play out in front of your very eyes.

We’ve seen lots of videos with names like “Angry Birds in real life” before, but this is honestly the most entertaining 3 minutes of real life video gaming I’ve come across in a long time. And the music is catchy too! Be sure to learn more about Hey Geronimo on their Facebook page or Bandcamp page.

[via Slide to Play]

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