Hero Academy is now on Android

Good news for Hero Academy fans today! As of only an hour or so ago, the popular strategy game of heroes and warriors from Robot Entertainment has quietly snuck its way onto the Google Play Marketplace for Android devices. This is certainly a heroic achievement for the bite-sized turn-based game that’s been dominating the iOS charts for longer than any of us can remember, and so I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if the Android charts soon fall victim to the game’s swords and sorcery as well.

Now it should also be noted that this Android release of Hero Academy is still being considered as a “soft-launch” of sorts, and so it may take a few hours for some to see the game properly show up in the Google Play Marketplace. Robot Entertainment has also released a list of all the current Android devices that will be compatible with the game, which they have posted for your convenience right over here.


You can check out Hero Academy right now on your Android device by clicking this Google Play Marketplace link, or by using the “Play Now” option at the top of this page. And may the academy of heroes be with you!

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