Hero Academy hits Steam, adds Team Fortress 2 team, breaks coolness barriers

I don’t always agree with everything that goes on here at Gamezebo. Take, for example, our official review of Hero Academy. My opinion falls more closer to the user reviews, which gave it a glowing 4.75. Whether it’s Robot Entertainment’s excellent approach to freemium, the genius of its five-move-at-a-time asynchronous play, or the lovingly crafted fantasy teams, I don’t think I could like the game any more than I do. Or at least I didn’t until today.

 In announcement on their official website, Robot Entertainment cracked the lid on some epic news related to their hit casual tactics title. As of August 8th, Hero Academy will be hitting the shiny digital shelves of Steam for download on PC. And while that would be cool enough, the team at Robot has worked with Valve to deliver something that will blow your mind.


For anyone who purchases the game on Steam, not only will you begin with the game’s stock heroic team of The Council, but you will be given “the mercenaries:” a team comprised of the characters from Valve’s Team Fortress 2, done up in the adorable sheen typical of all Hero Academy characters. CEO of Robot Patrick Hudson calls Valve a “visionary partner” in their “passion for giving gamers what they want.”

 And I’m not even hiding it: I want this. The idea of playing as the TF2 crew, complete with the promised upgrades and abilities of that universe, is extremely exciting. Moreover, while a purchase on Steam is the key to unlocking the mercs, doing so will allow you to play with them on any platform you currently own the game. Similarly, that goes for all bonus teams (such as the Tribe or Dark Elves), which will become cross-compatible on any version of Hero Academy you own, be it Steam or iOS. 

 For those who haven’t picked up Hero Academy (shame on you!), definitely mark your calendars. August 8th is a day to watch. 

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