Here are this year’s PAX 10 picks

Every year, the PAX panel of 50 industry experts chooses 10 of the most impressive indie games to spotlight as the cream of the gaming crop. This is not only great publicity for the indie developers themselves, but also for us gamers as well: because who doesn’t love some top-notch game recommendations! So which 10 indie games has PAX crowned as the best of the best this year? Keep on reading to find out!

We were happy to see a few familiar names around these parts pop up in this year’s PAX 10 selections, including Badland, Gunpoint, and Rogue Legacy, all of which scored impressively high marks from us here at Gamezebo. Vlambeer’s underdog mobile success story Ridiculous Fishing also earned a well-deserved spot in the PAX 10 as well, where its many glittering 5-star reviews will especially be able to shine.

But what’s got me even more excited about the PAX 10 this year is the fresh bout of newcomer games stepping onto the scene, which I have no doubt we’ll be seeing much more of before the year’s end. Some early highlights include Owlboy, a vertical platform-adventure game with a real Super Nintendo vibe, Escape Goat 2, a fully formed sequel to 2011’s critically acclaimed puzzle platformer, and the colorful “micro-platformer” Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

newsRidiculous Fishing earns a well-deserved spot in this year’s PAX 10.

You can check out the full list of 2013’s PAX 10 games and a description of each right over here on the official PAX website. And for you more hands-on type of folks, all 10 titles will be featured at the upcoming PAX Prime in Seattle from August 20 to September 2. Do you agree with the titles that made this year’s cut? Are there any that you’re particularly excited about playing (or excited about getting back to playing)? Be sure to let us know in the replies!

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