Help support the Japanese relief effort through your favorite social games

There are plenty of ways that you can help support those affected by the recent natural disasters that have struck Japan, and several of your favorite social game developers are doing their best to make it easier.

Zynga has introduced a number of specialty items across its many games, and 100 percent of the sales from those items will go towards the Save the Children foundation’s Japan Earthquake Tsunami Emergency Fund. In Cafe World you can buy Japanese-inspired decorations, in CityVille there’s a brand new sweet potato crop to grow, and FrontierVille features a limited edition Kobe cow.


Most of your favorite Zynga games feature some sort of special edition item to help you lend your support, and more may be added over the coming days.


PlayFish, meanwhile, has teamed up with Mercy Corps to help raise money in order to provide necessary items like temporary shelters, food, water, and blankets to the survivors in Japan. All donated money will go directly towards the relief efforts and you can pledge your support on the official site.


And finally, the virtual world Gaia Online is also offering up limited edition premium items, the money from which will be donated directly to the Red Cross foundation. There are three items to purchase: a $1 Emblem of Kannon, a $5 Coat of Kannon, and a $10 Halo of Kannon.

Of course, you can also support the relief efforts directly through foundations like the Red Cross, Save the Children, and Mercy Corps.

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