Help stop Brandon Boyer’s cancer by buying great games

Brandon Boyer has led a pretty busy life. He’s a contributing editor to Boing Boing that once started his own record label, though most probably know him as Chairman of the Independent Games Festival (IGF). More recently, he helped found the crowdfunded Venus Patrol, an organization dedicated to discovering the beautiful things in game culture.

Now that interesting life of his is in danger, as he’s been diagnosed with cancer and his insurance company, Humana, has footed him with a $100,000 treatment bill. Of course, they did send him a chocolate bar, because that’s how you apologize for literally trying to scam someone to death.

Boyer has again turned to crowdfunding, this time to save his life. By supporting him and his treatment you can now get a ton of great games out of the deal.


The Humble Bundle, a group that sells games in a pay-what-you-want pricing model, is holding one of their biggest deals yet in support of Boyer. It’s a little different than usual, as you need to pay at least $25 to get the deal, but for that price you’ll receive over 30 indie games and soundtracks.

Some notable games in the bundle include McPixel, Proteus, World of Goo, and Wizorb.

More games are being added as the bundle proceeds, and all funds go directly to Brandon’s cancer treatment. Thankfully, a gracious video game community has already helped pay off his immediate costs, but in addition to future treatment any extra money earned in the Humble Bundle will go to a cancer research fund. 

The promotion ends on March 21, so hurry up and buy a ton of awesome games for a good cause while you still can!

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