Help Design Kingdom Rush Origins’ Next Hero

Kingdom Rush Origins is one of the best tower defense games out there. We certainly think so – and we’re not alone. In fact, Kingdom Rush Origins has so many fans that they’re all being invited to contribute to the next major game update.

Ironhide Game Studio’s new initiative is called “A Hero is Born.” Through a series of weekly polls, users will be allowed to help design Kingdom Rush Origins’ next hero. Let your imagination run wild. Just heed the title for the blog post announcing the event: “No More Elves, Please.” Darn tunic-wearing pointy-eared tree-kissers.


The polls, which kick off today, will first determine the new hero’s basics, like race, gender, and role. Across the weeks and into March, fans will be able to help shape intricate design details and decide on a name.

Interested in helping birth a hero from the Internet’s loins? Follow Ironhide’s community posts for updates, or head straight to the voting at

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