Hello Kitty visits Tiny Farm and makes it about 20% more fluffy

Cats are the anti-farmer. Farming is about staying in one place and cultivating the land, and cats are all about wandering to new territories and slaying exotic new species of birds. But perhaps there is one feline that is well-suited for the act of farming: Hello Kitty. She’s sweet, she’s friendly, she lacks claws—and she also lacks a mouth, so there’s no way she’d be able to eat her prey. Either way, Hello Kitty has arrived on Com2uS’s Tiny Farm.

Hello Kitty’s parent company, Sanrio, has partnered with Com2uS to bring Japan’s most adorable cat to the popular farming sim. Now collectors of Hello Kitty memorabilia can go nuts gathering up tons of virtual items and accessories based on the property.

If collecting kitty merchandise isn’t your bag (what’s wrong with you?), Hello Kitty’s presence in Tiny Farm brings the opportunity to explore Kitty’s farm and engage in Sanrio-themed quests.

“With Sanrio’s world-wide appeal that spanning generations and continents, Com2uS is expecting an unprecedented response to this thrilling event,” Com2uS stated in a press release. “Tiny Farm’s core players match much of the core Sanrio demographic of young, hip females, so Com2uS couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”


Tiny Farm is a free download, so go and get your Kitty on. If you already own the game, be sure to download the latest update to experience unprecedented levels of cuddly adorableness.   

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