Haunted Hollow returns to the App Store

As some of you may have noticed, Firaxis’s Haunted Hollow appeared and then quickly disappeared from the App Store last week. I suppose it isn’t so surprising, seeing as how the word “haunted” is in its title. Regardless, the game has resurfaced on the App Store, and ostensibly is here to stay.

Haunted Hollow is a free-to-play strategy game that tasks players with scaring as many villagers as they possibly can. To do this, they must deploy various units — all of which are modeled after established horror archetypes — and fend off the advances of their opponents, who are also trying to scare the villagers. I have no idea where this village is located, but the rent must be incredibly cheap.

With a studio like Firaxis behind the wheel, Haunted Hollow is most definitely worth a download. And who knows — maybe our monsters will one day meet on the streets of that poor, poor village.

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