Happy Thanksgiving and New Features

When everyone was eating turkey and planning their midnight sojourns to retail stores to get that special 19-inch HDTV for $10, we at Gamezebo were working on releasing new features.

Call it a Thanksgiving gift or strange timing, but we did it. Today we launched a new price tracker for download games, improvements to your activity page, and a Meebo bar. Here is a short list of the detailed changes and new features:

New and improved Download Game Box: We improved our Game Download Box to include more key information to help you find the best deals on the games you play. We are now displaying the lowest price, whether the game has a free trial, and number of game offers, and whether there is a PC and/or Mac version. When you click on “Get It Now,” if there is more than one offer, we’ll display a box showing you which sites are offering the game and at what price. You can then click “Go” to choose which site (s) to download the game from.

Track price drops: We’ve now made it very easy for you to track prices when they drop. Click “Track Price Drops” in the Game Box anytime you want us to notify you when the price drops for a game. We’ll notify you via email and/or a message in your Alert Activity within your Gamezebo profile page. This is my favorite new feature on the site and you definitely should try it out.

More game partners: We are working with Big Fish Games, Wild Tangent, and GameHouse to integrate their games data into Gamezebo to automatically update on the game page when they release a game as well as provide price information on games. We’ll continue to add games data for other web sites in order to provide an one-step destination to find the best deal on any game we review on Gamezebo. We also plan to extend these changes in the future beyond just Download games.

Follow Games: We have changed our alert feature so now you can click to “Follow” any game. When you “Follow” a game, you get all the same updates as before with Alerts (including new price drops). The majority of web sites use “Follow” and “Unfollow” function to track updates in games, and we hope this minor change will make it easier for you to track your favorite casual games on Gamezebo.

Improved My Gamezebo page: We made three small to your My Gamezebo page. One, we moved “My Alert Activity” as a third tab to your activity stream in order to make it easier for you to track games you follow as well as price drops. Two, we now have a much higher limit on the number of activities you can view. You can now click “more” on the bottom of your activity stream to better track your and your friends’ activities on Gamezebo. Finally, we had added more information to your activity stream, so you now can learn more on why someone is sending you a Kudo.

Meebo bar: We added a customized Meebo bar to the bottom of Gamezebo. Right now with the Meebo bar, you can Like Gamezebo, see our latest Twitter tweets, view the latest and most popular Gamezebo game articles at any time, and if you have a Meebo account, you can log in to chat with your friends on Yahoo!, Facebook, Google, AOL, in real time on Gamezebo! It also makes it fun and easy to share any Gamezebo via Facebook, Yahoo!, or email. When you share Gamezebo articles, you are exposing Gamezebo to new people and is one of the most important things you can do to help support an independent site like Gamezebo. We actually have big plans for this little bar in the future. If you have any ideas of what buttons you want to see on it, feel free to contact us. And, you can always get rid of it by clicking the “hide” button. But, it really is going to be a cool addition to the site (you’ll see!).

As always when we make changes (which we do every 1 – 2 months), we seemingly break things. Don’t worry, if you see anything that is not working, we are going to work to fix it.

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving.

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