Halfbrick’s Band Stars is headed to mobile

After a bit of a rocky start, Halfbrick’s Band Stars is getting ready to rock out loud once again, as the cult music management game is packing up its dusty gear and setting off on a tour of your mobile screen soon.

Band Stars was initially developed by Six Foot Kid and published by Fruit Ninja success story Halfbrick, where it appeared as a simple Flash game as part of Google+ Games before disappearing from the gaming world completely when the online games service was shut down in June of 2013. Well now it looks like both companies are returning to the oft-forgotten game in attempts to give it new life on the mobile platform.

We reviewed the original web-based version of Band Stars last summer, and found it to be one of the rare instances where that Halfbrick name didn’t sit alongside the utmost quality in casual gaming. The original Band Stars was buggy, lacked the depth of any great music management game, and just all-around wasn’t a very fun time. So here’s to hoping that Halfbrick was able to work out all the kinks this time around for the mobile release, and that we can all get to pumping out some much smoother jams soon!

The mobile version of Band Stars already saw a soft-launch in Australia back in August, and now the Canadian version is next on the list with its own App Store release today. We’ll be sure to let you know when Halfbrick’s Band Stars will be playable in your country as soon as we hear those guitar solos ring!

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