Greenlight Spotlight: Master Reboot

The big question: what happens to us after we die?  In the world of Master Reboot, the answer is clear: your soul is uploaded to the Soul Cloud.  All your memories and experiences are stored in dedicated servers that allow you to recall and relive your life even after it’s over.  “Saving your past to secure your future.”

You begin Master Reboot as a recently departed soul that has been saved to the Cloud.  On the train to your personal memory-housing island, you suddenly black out and awaken on a deserted, empty beach with no idea who you are or why you’re there.  Something has gone terribly wrong in the Soul Cloud storage, leaving you with nothing.

To solve this mysterious void, you’ll need to travel the rooms that were set up to house your memories and piece back together the narrative of your life and death.  Each memory will bring you one step closer to a complete picture, but they are hidden behind enigmatic first-person puzzles and the Soul Cloud’s anti-virus protection.  These challenges transform what was once a soothing, happy memory-laden island into an unnerving and unknown danger.

While Master Reboot is venturing into interesting new metaphysical territory, it has also taken cues from admirable titles of the past.  Its quirky and colorful visual style was inspired by The Day of the Tentacle, but also recalls many of Valve’s titles, from Team Fortress 2 to the likely muse for the train opening, Half-Life 2.  The haunting, pursuing presence of the Soul Cloud’s anti-virus encourages comparisons to the unsettling Slender: The Eight Pages or the more aptly cyberpunk System Shock 2.  The eerie and surrealistic settings that must be explored, like an abandoned circus and graveyard tower, may even catch the eye of players of the more recent Kentucky Route Zero

Overall, Master Reboot looks like a gorgeous and haunting adventure through a unique world that should appeal to fans of multiple genres.  The questions it raises about the status of the soul, the malleability of memories, and the future uses of technology even after death provide enough brain fodder to fill a series of games.  The first step to any of this, though, is getting Master Reboot published on Steam.  Give it a quick vote; we promise it will be a good memory.


Click here to vote yes for Master Reboot on Steam Greenlight

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