Greenlight Spotlight: Another Castle

“I’m sorry, but the Princess is in another castle.” It’s one of the worst things an adventurer can hear after hours of futilely platforming through rooms and rooms of hazards in a daring rescue attempt. But sadly, it seems to happen more and more for our favorite video game stars these days. Of course, this was never so bad for the gamers, as it meant another level was right around the bend. You would just think that after the first time, Mario would have installed GPS tracking in Princess Peach’s cell phone.

This is precisely the concept behind Another Castle, an exciting and humorous take on the sidescrolling platform genre. The hero in Another Castle is a guy named Andy, and Andy is searching for something. We don’t know exactly what that something is, but we’re told it could be anything from his girlfriend, to a sword, to a ham and cheese sandwich. To find it, Andy will have to run, jump, and fight his way through an immense and reality-defying castle, with some serious surprises in store along the way.

From the debut gameplay trailer, Another Castle looks like pure platforming bliss, with bright and sunny visuals that take you across a series of randomly generated levels through all sorts of exciting locales, from freezing mountaintops, to scorched deserts, and even the empty throes of space. Players will go from shooting fire at a giant desert centipede one minute to facing off with a terrifying spider in an underground cavern the next. The graphical style bears a few similarities to the original Paper Mario on Nintendo 64, with your hero’s dimensions as thin as paper whenever he changes direction.

Even when you beat the game, you’ll never actually acquire that coveted item, because it will always be in another castle (We should’ve known, right?). Instead the item will be unlocked for subsequent playthroughs of the game, and grant your character cool bonus power-ups that improve his stats and abilities as Andy endlessly searches for a new object of interest.


Another Castle is currently seeking approval to Steam’s Greenlight program, and you can vote for Andy’s quest right here on the project’s Greenlight page. You can even try out an early prototype of the game right in your web browser on the Another Castle website, and I highly recommend that you do, because the gameplay mechanics and overall feel of the game are just so great when you actually get to play it. Sadly, the full version of Another Castle has a murky release window of 2014, which hurts just as much as hearing that my ham sandwich has been moved to another castle.

Click here to vote yes for Another Castle on Steam Greenlight

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