GREE invades the iPhone with Alien Family

When GREE promised to come storming into the US App Store, they weren’t kidding. After the recent release of Zombie Jombie, the company has just launched their newest game, Alien Family. At this rate the App Store will be populated with nothing but GREE games by the end of the year.

Alien Family is a city-building title where users create a new utopia right here on Earth for a group of aliens who were scattered across the cosmos after a cataclysmic event. Players can farm resources, build structures and use Fuse Machines to power up their aliens before sending them out on interstellar adventures. Players can also take part in missions that will allow them to meet and befriend over 80 unique types of aliens. Of course, since this is a social game you can also pop by a friend’s galaxy to say hi and lend a hand in shaping their own personal universe.

While Zombie Jombie was designed for the hardcore gamer crowd, GREE is targeting more casual gamers with Alien Family. The company is also promising the game will be “continually updated” so there’s never a shortage of content or features. Like all GREE offerings Alien Family is free to play, so you can try it out risk-free and see if it’s something you and the rest of the family might dig.

With two games out in as many weeks it seems that GREE is pushing hard to make a solid first impression in the US. The early buzz for Zombie Jombie has been highly positive, and if GREE can keep it up then they may just be the next hot developer in the States.

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