Gourmet Ranch goes fishing with new expansion

FarmVille isn’t the only farming game on Facebook to get an expansion. Developer Playdemic, a RockYou studio, has announced that starting today, in addition to growing crops and baking goodies, Gourmet Ranch players will also be able to go fishing.

The expansion is available to all players over level 10, and allows players to build a boathouse and a boat so that they can set off in search of delicious seafood. To build the boathouse you’ll need to collect a series of new items, either by purchasing them or receiving them from friends. You’ll be able to upgrade the boathouse once it’s built, and the more you upgrade it, the more fish you’ll be able to catch on any given trip.


Fishing appears to work much like farming. Each fish has a “grow time,” and when you send your boat out it will take that amount of time to return. And once it’s back it’ll be full of fish for you to harvest.

In addition to the new fishing mechanic, the expansion also brings with it new, seafood themed recipes, as well as new materials to collect and decorations to buy.

The fishing expansion for Gourmet World is available starting today.

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