Google Maps Now Tracks Your Pokemon GO Activity


They say you never forget your roots. For Niantic, said roots were with Google, where the company budded in its early stages as an internal startup. I believe the tech world term is “incubated.”

In any case, the bridges apparently weren’t burnt when Niantic ventured out on its own last year, because Google Maps now has a cool though not super significant new feature related to Pokemon GO.

As discovered in the place that makes all discoveries now — Reddit — and passed along by Android Police, “catching Pokemon” is now a totally legit option you can choose on your Google Maps timeline. And it should be, considering there are still plenty of people out doing that at any given time.

Image via Redditor GoldLeader272
Image via Redditor GoldLeader272

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Select ‘Your timeline’ withing Google Maps
  • Tap on the ‘Travel’ icon
  • Choose the option that says ‘Catching Pokemon,’ which you’ll find among the normal modes of transportation like walking, running, driving, etc.

As BGR notes, this doesn’t actually help you catch Pokemon, because Niantic is still sticking to its guns in that regard and saying that no other app shall assist you with catching ’em all. At this point, improved tracking may not even be number one on the wish list of most Pokemon GO players any more, as the more general “more things to do” seems more pressing.

You’ll still have to wear clever t-shirts that say things like, “I get my cardio from Pokemon GO” to let the world know you’re still very much into this particular fad, because only you can see your Google Maps timeline, but at least you’ll be able to look back someday and recall that you wouldn’t have done all that walking if it wasn’t for Pokemon GO. Though let’s be honest, for a lot of us, that’s not really in doubt.

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