Good Old Games now supports Mac OS X

By Dant Rambo |

Those old school game enthusiasts at Good Old Games have gone and made 50 titles in their catalog playable on Mac OS X. This marks only the beginning of The Great Apple Initiative (a title I just made up) for the platform, and users can expect to see even more games available for Mac moving forward. I applaud their drive, as I personally would have just ported over The Feeble Files and called it a day.

There’s a pretty good mix of new and classic games on the list, including The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Beneath a Steel Sky, Dungeon Keeper, the Tex Murphy series, and plenty of other gems. And if you’ve purchased any of the newly-ported games in the past, you now have access to the Mac version as well. It’s reasons like these that Good Old Games is one of the most beloved digital distribution platforms around.

With the weekend creeping up, the timing of the launch couldn’t have been more perfect. Head on over to Good Old Games’ list of titles here, narrow the results to OS X only, and nostalgia the days away.

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