GOG.com to distribute Frogwares adventure games, starting with Sherlock Holmes

By Erin Bell |

PC games based on the exploits of Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne are the latest classics to make their way to DRM-free digital distribution portal GOG.com, thanks to an agreement with development studio Frogwares.

The first game to be released under the new deal is Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring, a point-and-click adventure game originally released in 2004. As with all GOG.com releases, the game is DRM-free and comes with additional materials.

Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring, places players in the boots of one of the most brilliant and intelligent detectives ever to grace the computer screen. Together with his trusted friend Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes is invited to a party hosted by Sir Melvyn Bromsby in honor of the return of his daughter, Lavinia. During his opening remarks Mr. Bromsby is killed by a gunshot in front of Sherlock’s very own eyes. But that’s only the beginning. As Sherlock and Watson, players need to interrogate all of the witnesses and suspects, analyze discovered items and use their talents of deduction to piece together the clues and find out who is the killer.

“GOG has been showing a lot of interest in adventure titles and are dedicated to the adventure players community,” said Wael Amr, Frogwares CEO. “We’re very happy about the cooperation with GOG. Releasing Sherlock Holmes™: Secret of The Silver Earring first seems as the best choice for GOG users – after seducing half million players around the world, the game certainly became a classic title for digital detectives.”

Sherlock Holmes: Secret of the Silver Earring is available now for $9.99. The second release from Frogwares, Journey to the Center of the Earth, will be available soon for the same price.

Earlier this year, GOG.com announced deals with Activision and Atari to distribute PC games from those two companies’ back catalogs.

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