Brawlers, Roguelikes, and Deckbuilders Meet in God of Stickfights

Unleash your inner stickman god in GOS! Rogue-like multiplayer battles, divine transformations, and epic animations await.

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Calling all brawlers and stickman fanatics! Get ready to pummel your way to the top in God of Stickfights (GOS), the roguelike fighting game that’s about to explode onto Steam on January 31, 2024. This ain’t your average stickman throwdown – we’re talking overpowered anime battles, strategic mayhem, and the chance to become the ultimate, stickman overlord.

Roguelike + Fighting = Roguefight

God of Stickfights throws epic fighting game action into a roguelike blender, and the result is pure, delicious mayhem. You’re a stickman warrior ripped straight from the internet’s golden era, but you’re pumped up with divine power. You’ll bash your buddies, unleash wild transformations, and climb the ranks to become the one and only God of Stickfights. This is a satisfying, strategic journey into the heart of stickman chaos.

God of Stickfights introduces Roguefights, a genius mashup of fighting games and roguelikes. Punch your pals into oblivion with temporary godly powers that boost your stickman to Super Saiyan levels (but stickman style, of course). But the fun doesn’t stop there – you can evolve in the heat of battle, pushing your limits and ascending to godhood (the secret to this godly transformation is a mystery for now… haha).

Nostalgic Animation, Modern Control

Each fight feels like stepping into an epic stickman animation like you’re the stickman hero in your very own anime. Get ready for dynamic deck building, where every match is fresh and unpredictable. Hand-drawn animations will transport you back to the good old days of internet stickman glory (remember Pivot Animator?).

But God of Stickfights isn’t just about nostalgia. You get two totally different movesets for each character, letting you unleash combos that would make even Dante jealous. Online servers powered by fancy tech (don’t worry about the details, just trust us, it’s good) ensure smooth, lag-free brawls against stickman masters.

And don’t worry if you’re not a fighting game pro. God of Stickfights’ simple controls make pulling off sick combos easy as pie. So grab your joystick, loosen up your fingers, and prepare to dominate the stickman battlegrounds!

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