God of Blades is making the library cool again

It’s a distinct possibility that we’re totally obsessed with the upcoming God of Blades, but with all the cool stuff the developers are doing with the game, our reasons are perfectly justified. In addition to creating a sweet-looking iOS game, the team has also created an elaborate world and backstory for the title based on a series of completely awesome (and also completely fake) pulp fantasy novels like you may have found when you were a kid wandering the young adult section of the library.

Speaking of libraries, the team has just announced a brand-new feature for anyone who frequents their local public library, wherein folks who check-in via FourSquare will have the opportunity to unlock some bonus in-game content. Users who check in will start receiving access to exclusive, powerful swords for use in the game, and continued visits will in turn lead to unlocking even more powerful equipment. In addition to the swords there are also some other unannounced goodies up for grabs, but you’ll have to earn them for yourself to find out what they are. Just in case you need a reason to visit the library, the promise of trading check-ins for swords seems pretty fair.


As both a writer and someone who’s married to a librarian, I’m positively jumping for joy at this promotion. The White Whale Games crew has gone above and beyond demonstrating their devotion to stories and literature, and this is one of the most creative and brilliant ways they could have possibly conceived to get people to go to those incredible repositories of human knowledge known as libraries. The only way this could be any cooler is if checking out a book unlocked a sword made entirely of bookworms, which would be both amazing and gross.

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