Glitch “unlaunches,” heads back into beta

It may have only come out of beta recently, but the developers at Tiny Speck have announced that the quirky browser game Glitch will be “unlaunching” to focus on some major improvements to the experience.

According to studio founder Stewart Butterfield, the game has received largely positive reactions from players, but two key aspects are in need of fine tuning. For new players, the developers want to make the game “reveal itself more easily.” And for veterans the goal is to add more tools for them to shape the world in different ways. This includes creating buildings and forming groups to create things together.

“Going back to beta will let us make the changes that need to be made,” Butterfield said in a blog post. “And so we’re ‘unlaunching’ — and going back to beta.”

For those who have purchased in-game items and are unhappy with the decision to go back into beta, Tiny Speck is offering a refund service that will give players back 100 percent of whatever they spent.

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