Get SimpleRockets for Free Right Now

Love playing a game that makes you feel smart? Or at least one that lets you blunder the space program worse than Alfonso Cuarón? Then you’d better pull out your favorite mobile device (or, failing that, a PC) and download SimpleRockets – a fantastic game of spacecraft creation that recently saw a surprise drop to free.

The game is normally $1.99 on mobile and $4.99 on PC, so “free” is a price that’s incredibly hard to argue with. The game should have an instant appeal to fans of Steam’s long-standing Early Access gem Kerbal Space Program, while at the same time providing a gentle first step for those who’ve been thinking about playing such games, but feared the genre’s intimidating premise.


Up up and away, folks! Get it on iPhone, Android, and PC quick. There’s no word on how long this price drop will last.

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