Get ready to save lives in colourful Android simulation Doctor Life

Colourful simulation title Doctor Life, which developer WIGU Games released on iOS all the way back in February, is finally available to download for your Android-powered devices from Google Play for a limited-time price of 99c (a saving of 67%).

The first time you fire up Doctor Life, you’re given the keys to your very own medical practice – a small and humble clinic. Your job is to transform this clinic over time into a multi-story hospital that’s large enough to treat hundreds of sick patients at once.


That’s not your only job, mind.

Each and every patient that enters through the front doors of your hospital will exhibit real-world symptoms. Yep, you guessed it. It’s also your job to correctly diagnose and successfully treat each patient based on their symptoms.

Doctor Life may be colourful, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park. You must act fast to cure your patients and earn excellence awards, and keep an evil tycoon from buying the land that your medical centre sits on.

To celebrate the Android release of Doctor Life, WIGU Games has updated the iPhone and iPad versions of its game with a couple of new features. ?Doctor Life on iOS now boasts support from Apple’s Xbox Live-style Game Center network, for example. Sign in, and you can compete with fellow doctors on three different leaderboards (Highest Combo, Days Taken to Save Hospital, and Total Patients Treated).

You can also unlock 30 different achievements (a total of 600 Game Center points), and sign into your Facebook account via the game.

Download Doctor Life from Google Play [buy] or the App Store [buy] right now.

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