Get Borderlands 2 for $11.99

If you’re a first-person shooter fan, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve already fallen madly in love with Borderlands 2. It’s fresh, it’s quirky, it’s gorgeous – and frankly, it’s genre-defining.

But what if you’ve been circling around the edges, not sure if you were ready to take the plunge quite yet? Then today is your day! The latest Gamezebo Deals offering slashes the price on the PC and Mac versions of this popular shooter all the way down to a paltry $11.99! Considering the game normally goes for $29.99 on Steam, that’s a savings of 60%!

Oh – and did we mention you’ll be getting the Steam version? Your friends might have been chumps and paid full price, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play with them on Steam (and brag about the savings).

Click here to buy Borderlands 2 on Steam for PC and Mac for $11.99. Hurry though! This deal won’t last forever.

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