Get a Limited Edition white Ouya console just in time for the holidays

If there’s one company and product that’s become synonymous with terms like “train wreck” and “that’s a darn shame” in 2013, that award would unequivocally go to Ouya and the disastrous launch of their Android-powered home gaming console earlier this year (not to mention the controversy surrounding their recent Free the Games Fund).

But despite all of the negativity surrounding the company and the sheer amount of things that have simply gone wrong, no one can say that Ouya has stopped trying to sell the world on their unbalanced product! So to this end, Ouya has announced a special Limited Edition of their Android console for North America just in time for the holidays.


The Limited Edition of Ouya comes in a shiny new white coating for both the console and the controller, and features an upgraded 16GB of memory for you to store all of the promised “500 games” in the Ouya library. The price is set a little higher than the standard edition of Ouya at $129.99, and gamers can pre-order the system right now on the Ouya website to be guaranteed a delivery by December 8.

Something tells me that anyone who would ever buy the Ouya has either already bought one by now or isn’t going to be swayed, so it will be interesting to see how this Limited Edition will fare in the upcoming weeks. Let’s just hope that Ouya spent as much time making sure the new controllers aren’t faulty again as they did giving the console a spiffy new paint job.

Will you be picking up a holiday edition of the Ouya? Be sure to share your Ouya stories in the comments below!

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