GDC 19: NetEase Shows Off Disorder, A Near Future Innovative Shooter On Mobile

What time is it? It’s GDC time, when developers from all around the world gather in sunny San Francisco to socialize with their peers and show off their games to legions of eager fans.

Among them is NetEase, which is choosing to announce its latest mobile title at GDC. The game, Disorder, is a near future shooter with an unashamedly anti-war message, and it’s strutting its stuff in San Francisco flanked by sexy new details and trailers.

Disorder has been in the works for quite a long period – a sure sign that NetEase has it front and center of its release strategy for 2019. A huge amount of care and attention has gone into creating a rich, detailed gameworld full of vibrant characters with their own exhaustive backstories.

The trailer, which you can find above, paints a picture of a vast, super-realistic war torn landscape containing distinct factions and settings such as the Pale Knights and Thermal Nuclear Conflict. It’s a world in which war is the default state, armed factions are constantly tussling for weapons and resources.

You’ll just have to wait and see what the gameplay is like, though NetEase has provided some information. It seems there will be at least four different characters to choose from, each with their own weapons. Once you’ve chosen a character you’ll be able to team up with others to create a five player team.

Once in a team, the aim is probably to take down targets such as a missile silo. Or not. You’ll be able to choose what kind of posture to adopt, whether that be warlike and bloodthirsty or peaceful and kind. You’ll probably still have to shoot some people in the face though.

Disorder is currently available for pre-registration, with a beta coming our way in the near future. Stay tuned for what looks like one of the most exciting mobile games of 2019.

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