Gamezebo’s Twitter Feed hits 2200. Danke!

Gamezebo’s Twitter feed has hit 2200 followers (yea!) and we did it the old fashioned way. Not by following every web site in the universe, but by tweeting our news and re-tweeting great content from the sites we follow with latest game news, free game giveaways, and interesting musings.

Thank you to all who follow us on Twitter. And, if you not a follower yet, now is your chance to join the fun and follow us!

If you own an iPad, we have recently partnered with Flipboard and Pulse, two news feed readers that offer an awesome magazine-like experience, to offer our Twitter feed. I’d suggest anyone with an iPad check these two of my favorite apps out and add Gamezebo as a featured feed. And, you can check out updates to our Twitter feed anytime on our Meebo bar.

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