Gamezebo Tip: Rate, Review or Like Games

We have made it easier to share your opinion on games on Gamezebo.

You can now rate a game without writing a review. Simply go to the game page, mouse over the orange stars, and click to submit your score out of 5.

From there, you will view a pop up asking you to review the game as well, which is optional. You can also click “Like” to share on Facebook that you like the game.

Why would you want to rate a game only and not write a review? Sometimes, you may not be in a writing mood, but still want to share thoughts on a game. Or, you may have time to rate a game but not to write a review.

For Gamezebo, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to share your views on games with our audience. This then makes it easier for us to know what games you like and make recommendations. The more games you rate, review, and like, the better we can recommend new games for you to play!

You can still rate and review games the exact way you always have in the past — go to the User Review tab and click “write a review.” It all works…if you are logged in, of course. You must be a member to rate and review games, though anyone can like a game on Facebook.

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