GameSpy announces developer lineup for Indie Open House

GameSpy Technology has announced the four developers that will take part in the next semester of Indie Open House. Indie Open House is a project that invites independent developers to the GameSpy/IGN office. During their six-month residency, the developers will be allotted resources such as office space, consultation, peer support and technology in order to help the teams build upon their ideas.

The four studios selected for the residency are:

  • Cryptic Sea – This team was a member of the original Indie Open House. Cryptic Sea is perhaps best known for the game Gish, which almost earned a perfect score in our review right here on Gamezebo.
  • Interabang Entertainment – Also returning from the first session, the San Diego-based developer is working on a game titled Super Comboman, an action-adventure game based around destruction and combos.
  • Misfit Attic – This crew is working on a cooperative action-puzzler called A Virus Named Tom.
  • Wolfire Games – The founders of the Humble Indie Bundle are working on Overgrowth. Overgrowth is the sequel to Wolfire’s 2005 release, Lugaru, which featured violent rabbit fighting in 3D.

Outside of office and peer resources, there are other benefits granted to the participating teams. The developers will receive opportunities to show their games directly to publishers and retailers, as well as the IGN and GameSpy editors. They will even receive demo space at events such as Games Developers Conference 2012, and GameSpy is giving the teams free licensing of their online features such as leaderboards, matchmaking and statistics.

Interested in getting your development team into the next session of Indie Open House? Visit for more information.

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