Games of the Month – October 2011

October was a busy month for games across all platforms. And it wasn’t just full of games, it was full of great ones. In fact, this month has been so great that a five star review didn’t even manage to make it into a runner up position! (Sorry 3D Slots!) Sorting through all of those reviews can be daunting, but that’s why we’re here. Our Games of the Month feature highlights the best new releases to hit every platform we covered in October 2011!

Don’t agree with us? Be sure to let us know what your favourite game of October 2011 was in the comments below!

Game of the Month – Social and Online


Triple Town (Winner)

It’s really hard to believe that someone has managed to do something new with the match-3 formula, but that’s exactly what developer Spry Fox has done with Triple Town. You’ll be matching items not just to clear them off the screen and earn a higher score, but to create new items that you can then match up again. It’s fun, challenging, and incredibly addictive, but most important it feels unique and refreshing amongst not only social puzzle games, but puzzle games in general.


Ravenskye City (Runner Up)

We were already captivated with last year’s Ravenwood Fair, and the follow-up simply adds more. More beautiful visuals, a more compelling world to explore, and a more fleshed out story and characters. It’s exactly what a sequel should be, improving on the original while maintaing exactly what made it so great to begin with.

Game of the Month – PC and Mac


A Day in the Woods (Winner)

How did a humble sliding puzzle game nab game of the month? By combining a charming take on the Little Red Riding Hood Story with polished gameplay, lush 3D forest environments, and graphics that resembled carved wooden figurines. The only complaint we could come up with for this game is that we wish there were more levels!


Drawn: Trail of Shadows (Runner Up)

It should be no surprise to fans of the Drawn series that its third installment merits a runner-up game of the month nod. Trail of Shadows continues to set the standard that puzzle adventure games should aspire to, combining a fantastic story with beautiful graphics and satisfying puzzles.

Game of the Month – Mobile


Tiny Token Empires (Winner)

There have been plenty of genre mash-ups to hit gaming over the last few years, but few have so perfectly blended their existing components into something this unique and fresh. A game of world conquest that’s a little bit Risk, a little bit Civilization, and a little bit Puzzle Quest, Tiny Token Empires is the ultimate in territorial domination. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have an empire to get back to expanding.


Scribblenauts Remix (Runner Up)

Puzzle games are often constrained by their limited opportunities for solutions. But what if we told you there was a puzzle game with absolutely no limits? Where anything you could think of to solve a problem, you could do? That’s Scribblenauts Remix in a nutshell. Need to get a star from the top of a tree? Type “chainsaw,” “fire,” “ladder,” “Pegasus” – whatever you can think of, you can make. The fun in Scribblenauts is only as limited as your imagination.

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