Games of the Month – November 2011

Like every month here at Gamezebo, November brought us 30 days that were simply chock-a-block with reviews. With so many games for consumers to choose from, we let you know what was good, what was bad, and what was downright ugly. “But which games,” you might be asking, “were the very best?” We’re glad you asked!

It might be hard to believe, but in a month where Mystery Case Files: Escape From Ravenhearst, Fruit Ninja Frenzy, and Elder Sign: Omens were released, not a single one of these top titles even earned a spot as runner up! Think your picks for game of the month are better? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Game of the Month – PC & Mac


Delicious – Emily’s True Love (Winner)

Delicious – Emily’s True Love offers fantastic gameplay, satisfying length, cute graphics, engaging story-telling, and a theme that everyone should be able to relate to. Of course, we’ve come to expect nothing less from theDeliciousseries; still, Emily’s True Love is a standout and definitely one of the best time management games we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.


Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness (Runner-Up)

The story alone – which was inspired by the H. P. Lovecraft novel At the Mountains of Madness – is reason enough to play this hidden object adventure, but it also offers an excellent hint system, interesting characters to interact with, and the ability to experiment with different items instead of being forced down a single obvious path. These elements combine for an immersive world with an intriguing mystery to solve.

Game of the Month – Mobile


ZONR (Winner)

A good mobile game should be intuitive, quick, and infinitely replayable. ZONR is all of these things, but it’s also stylish, addictive, and, best of all, free. Our five star review gives you a good idea of why ZONR is an absolute must play, but honestly, it’s the sort of game you have to experience firsthand to really appreciate. Who knew that identifying big shapes could be so much fun?


Poker Pals (Runner Up)

We’ve seen a lot of great push-based multiplayer games hit the App Store over the last year, but there haven’t been many that bring fresh concepts to the table. Poker Pals bucks this trend by introducing a unique blend of poker and Scrabble-style tile laying to create a wonderfully new experience that everyone should try. If you enjoy the asynchronous play that games like Hanging With Friends has to offer, consider Poker Pals a must play.

Game of the Month – Social and Online


Woodland Heroes (Winner)

Strategy games are becoming ever more prevalent on Facebook, but even amongst the crowd Woodland Heroes stands out. And not just because of its great looks, with terrific cartoon-style visuals and charming characters, but also because of its gameplay. Its unique take on turn-based strategy combat is easy to learn but difficult to put down, making this one of the best social strategy games to date.


CastleVille (Runner-up)

Zynga’s latest blockbuster doesn’t stray too far from the formula laid down by games like FrontierVille, but it certainly raises the bar when it comes to presentation. This beautiful game lets players build up a magical kingdom, and adds in a healthy dose of great characters and exploration. The result is an excellent, polished experience that will definitely appeal to fans of the other “Ville” games.

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