Games like Clash of Clans

Now that Clash of Clans has debuted on Android, mobile gamers on both sides of the iPhone/Android debate are able to jump into Supercell’s strategic base-building fun. But like many free-to-play games, once you get deep enough into it, you may find yourself waiting 2+ days for certain buildings to complete.

Do you wish you could still be building defenses during the downtime? Jump into any one of these titles and get started on another base-building adventure!

All of the games listed below share mechanics that are strikingly similar to Clash of Clans. If you’re a fan of one, chances are you’ll be a fan of another. If we missed any, be sure to let us know in the comments.


Total Conquest

Ever wish your base-building games had a Greco-Roman flare to them? If so, Gameloft’s got you covered. Total Conquest sets you in the role of a Roman governor in charge of their own city-state.



Ninja Kingdom

Playing on mobile is great and all, but maybe you’d rather attack and defend bases at your desktop. Zynga’s Ninja Kingdom, formerly known as Dojo Mojo, lets you get the jump on rival shoguns from the comfort of your browser.


Castle Clash

Before Clash of Clans made the jump to Android, Castle Clash had no problem maintaining its spot as the top grossing base-builder on Google Play. Check it out for yourself to see why.


Jungle Heat

Between the jungle setting, the modern military theme, and a villain named “General Blood,” Jungle Heat could easily be a lost Schwarzenegger movie from the golden era of 80’s action. If that’s the sort of flavor you’re looking for in a Clash of Clans clone, look no further.


Call to Arms

A military variation with a touch of authenticity, GREE’s spin on the formula promises tanks and weapons taken right from the pages of military history. If you’re a war-buff, Call to Arms is one you’ll want to keep an eye out for.


Greed for Glory

Like dragons, wizards, and a 3D art style? Like most titles here, Greed for Glory doesn’t stray too far from the established formula – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the prettiest in the bunch.


Friendly Fire

Red Robot Labs brings an element of location-based fun to the fray, letting you build your base in any real world location you can find on a map – even your own home. Defend your neighborhood with military might!


Enemy Lines

In the future, the world has become a battlefield. Stake your claim in the sci-fi spin on the Clash of Clans formula.


Samurai Siege

Build an ancient Eastern stronghold and defend your village from ninjas, samurais, and other players in Space Ape Games’ take on the genre. Three Kingdoms meets Clash of Clans; what’s not to love?



Clash of Lords

Another entry from the makers of Castle Clash, Clash of Lords maintains the medieval-meets-magic aesthetic that’s so common in the genre.

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