Gamersgate officially announces ad-supported free games platform VOID

When we first announced that digital game portal GamersGate was going to make a free ad-supported platform, it was last June in the form of FreeGames. Today, nearly a year later, that plan has come to life in the form of VOID, launching next Monday, May 28th.

The system, aimed to bring quality free games to a large audience, will work a bit like how YouTube works for larger videos channels: all games will be free, but gamers will have to watch a video or interactive ad before playing.

Ideally, it’s a win-win for everyone. Gamers get free games, advertisers get their word out to millions, and GamersGate and publishers get ad revenue. As the push for bigger and better games at the low price of free continues to permeate the gaming industry, it’ll be interesting to see what VOID brings to the table.

Whatever Gamersgate has been able to show to potential investors so far, they must be interested: VOID has already sold their entire inventory of ad space through July.

“The ad inventory has been sold out for a few weeks and naturally we’re thrilled. It shows the power and interest in the format. We’re constantly looking at ways to further separate GamersGate from the competition and VOID is clearly a massive market differentiator,” says Theodore Bergquist, CEO and majority owner of GamersGate.

We’re curious to see what kind of library VOID will deliver. They’ve offered everything from indie to hardcore in the past. Eager as us to see what they can bring at launch? Their live countdown (currently at 5 days, 23 hours) can be viewed here while you wait.

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