gets an overhaul, adds achievements & more

By Erin Bell |

PC/Mac downloads portal GamersGate has relaunched with a new modern design, improved interface, faster navigation, and new features including:

My Library

A virtual game shelf where you can store and show off your game collection, and any achievements you’ve earned. The game shelf can be displayed on your public profile so that friends can check out the games in your collection.


Perform quests on the site to earn experience points, and eventually trophies that will be displayed in your library.

My Minion

The GamersGate minion is a personalized avatar that follows you around as you browse on the site, and will evolve as you gain experience points. You can choose from five different classes of minion depending on your gaming tastes, and the minion will give you different bonuses, discounts and offers depending on which class you’ve chosen. For example, the Elf Minion pictured below awards bonuses and discounts when you buy games in the Adventure and RPG genres.


If you already have a GamersGate account, click here to create a Minion.

For an overview of the new features, check out this video:

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