Gameloft’s 99 cent Valentine’s sale let’s you vote for their next price break

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Gameloft is offer 14 games for 99 cents until February 14th – the 13 games listed below, plus one game of your choosing!

In addition to the 13 games on sale until the 14th, Gameloft is letting the iOS community vote on what the 14th game will be. The game with the most votes by February 14th will go free for 24 hours. Players interested in voting simply need to hop on over to Gameloft’s Facebook page, select the Valentine’s Day tab, and click a button to cast their vote for whichever game they like.

It looks like every Gameloft iPhone game is in the running, so you’ll have plenty of selection. Current front-runners include N.O.V.A. 2, Dungeon Hunter 2, and Modern Combat 2 – all of which have received high marks here at Gamezebo.

Don’t feel like voting? Then simply select from the following 99 cent goodies;

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