Gameloft gives Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front a freemium makeover

Love Gameloft’s first-person shooters, but hate feeding the corporate machine that controls our economy like so many nickels and dimes? Forget Wall Street, it’s time to Occupy the App Store! And it looks like our friends at Gameloft are leading the charge, re-releasing their once popular Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front as a free-to-play title.

Of course, no revolution can go unfunded. Players will have complete access to the story and multiplayer modes to earn dog tags and XP, but you’ll also be able to buy dog tags and medals as in-app purchases to help you unlock more content faster.

In all seriousness, reworking older titles to adhere to the freemium model is a genius move. Once a title is more or less dead in the water sales wise, why not give it a quick re-tooling and put it out for free to profit a little more from micro-transactions? What’s more, it makes for great advertising. On the same day that Global Front went free, Gameloft released their latest first-person shooter Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. Interest in one could easily lead to interest in the other – it’s the ultimate in free promotion!

Hopefully this is a trend we’ll see continue. If you haven’t played a Gameloft shooter before, be sure to give Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+ a whirl now that it won’t cost you a dime… (unless you want it to).

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